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Ask Me How I Can Help YOU
Build YOUR Profitable Online Business!

Would you like to have freedom to work when you want and where you want?
If you could work with and be mentored by entrepreneurs that have reached 6, 7 or 8 figure income, would you want to jump right in?

Hi, I'm Eero M. Tunkelo and I'm an Entrepreneur, Business Mentor and a Private Investor. On this web site YOU will find the answers to your questions around building a profitable business online.

A bit of my background... I created my first online service in 1993 (before internet), my first online (internet) product in year 2000 and was responsible for one of the first mobile app shops in the world in 2006 (before iTunes)... So I have seen many aspects of internet businesses. I tend to get into a business when it's mature enough but not widely spread; giving maximum potential to impact the progressive change in the world.

As a hobbyist futulogist, I am seeing a strong trend in world moving toward online entrepreneurship. Supporting systems are mature enough that anyone can hop on board and start their business any day of the week. Trend is new anough that now is the time to ride the wave.

My mission in life right now is to help 1000 entrepreneurs, like YOU to reach financial independence by building a profitable online business.

There are many business models you can choose, and I invite you to discuss each of them with me.

I have distilled the formula that most successful online businesses are using. Would YOU like to know what it is?

I'll share the most important part of it: Find a mentor that has reached what you want to accomplish.

Maybe you have seen this in other parts of your life. Having a personal trainer helps you reach your fitness goals...
Business mentor helps YOU to reach your business goals.

If you like, YOU can use me and my mentors as your business mentors!


Click here to see videos that got me on track with my business mentors

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Given YOU are a solid and energetic entrepreneur, you understand that building a business takes time and money. Once YOU have your business running, it takes much less time to maintain and YOU can enjoy the lifestyle YOU want and deserve.

YOU can partner with me and my mentors and  you will

  • Learn To Build A Profitable Online Business
  • Learn To Use Online Tools And Resources To Get Your Business Up And Running Quickly
  • Learn To Use An Online Business System To Automate Your Business
  • Learn To Creat A Lifestyle Around Your Business
  • Learn How To Brand Yourself In The Digital Marketplace
  • Get Access To More Than 6 Mentors That Have Made Their Fortune Online
  • And much much more...

It's not just about the money...

It's about the lifestyle...

...of earning more, working less, and enjoying life!

That's why I compiled a series of videos with my mentors.

To get these "Digital Lifestyle Video Series" conveniently daily to your email, click HERE. 

Watch Digital Lifestyle Video Series

You can contact me any time and learn more about my vision for creating 1000 online entrepreneurs - and how I can help YOU be part of this paradigm shift by improving YOUR quality of life through an online business.

If what I said above does not resonate, you are still welcome to explore my web site and find interesting links and information to take your life and business to the next level.

Kind Regards,

Eero M. Tunkelo

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