40 days of Blogging! Day 1 / 40

Hi there and welcome to my blog!

I’m saying welcome to my blog as this is a first blog post for a long time. So what happened to start blogging now…?

I recently completed my 40 day juice fast and totally recreated my body. Changing one’s body is one of the hardest things on earth to do – just see the weight loss / health / fitness industry! So, I did it and after that I feel I can do anything. I’m taking on the next challenge!

I have set specific targets for my next 40 day challenge which starts tomorrow and continues until 17th of October 2017. I have my co-challengee (I know I just made up a new word) group together and we’re all ready to go. As part of my definite actions to reach my targets, I’m committed to post a video blog post and a text blog post every day. So, you’ll hear from me every day!

I’ll be blogging about

  • How to create a profitable online business
  • Elements of successful online business
  • Transposing success from one area of life to another
  • Health and Fitness
  • Inspiration and Leadership
  • and many more topics… (I might even touch on my previous topics like education/training)

Here’s my first video blog post (ever):

Blogging for 40 days – Day 1 / 40
Kickoff to my 40 day challenge which includes a blog post with video every day!

In this video I’m covering some of my background and the exciting opportunities that the digital economy gives us and how it is creating win-win situations for all parties.

Apologies in advance for the terrible quality, including the funky thumbnail :). I’ll improve on that next time. One of my mentors Clinton Swaine of Frontier Trainings has a flip chart “My First Is My Worst”. This means that it’s better to get started than wait for the perfection. First business/action/whatever might be worst, best or mediocre, but the important thing is to get started. If there’s one thing you get out of this blog post, that’s it..

I also hope you pick up my enthusiasm and resolution to go on this journey – and clearness of my targets and actions. I will be exploring some of these in the future posts.

See you tomorrow!

Eero M. Tunkelo

Ps. I recorded this video at Holiday Inn Heathrow, 7/9/2014 – wrote this email at Heathrow Airport right before my flight and now posting it in Finland. Day before yesterday I had a workshop with Jay Kubassek and Stuart Ross and an awesome community of online entrepreneurs!

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