About Being Authentic, in the flow and creatively procrastinating… Day 3 / 40

Hey you,

Originally I was going to make a 40 day series of blog posts and videos that would serve as a step by step mini-course and a crash course into “How To Build A Profitable Business Online”. I’m still on track to do that, but I decided to do a little detour in the sequence as it would support the previous post.

I just watched this video by Jay Kubassek:

I have a tendency to have many things going on and get overwhelmed by all the things I could be doing. Having studied multiple academic degrees and built many businesses I obviously have learned to work around that to focus on things.

I either sit down and focus and get the job done – or use creative procrastination… The first is a “worker mentality” or at times “fighter mentality” – just get it done, even if it hurts. For the “Why” reason or just because I said I would do it. Or I might get into the flow of things and pick from my massive to-do list what appeals to me most. That way I find myself listing tons of high priority items on my “Done” list. It’s not exactly “eating the frog” as Brian Tracy would say, but it’s something that works for me. Fighter in me at times takes on the frog and gets the job done. However, I do seem to find lots of satisfaction from getting many high value items done. It also paves the road for the big “frog” item to do. Once I get into it, I actually really enjoy it as I feel clear in myself having cleaned the clutter.

As an example of today…
I had two conversations yesterday that determines my actions today:
1. I had a conversation about getting funding for my new business, and for that I wanted to finish up my business plan and related applications. I actually love doing it, but it didn’t seem to happen this morning.
2. I had a coaching call and we will be looking at my authority web site to make sure it serves the purpose. I ended up taking these actions this morning.

Both actions are high value, high impact. by procrastinating on the first, I got the latter done. And it’s more urgent as I have only a few hours before my next coaching call.
The first one I feel will get done some time this afternoon and evening as urgent items from #2 are taken care of.

Now, instead of judging myself for not getting things done in order ; I let myself flow in the actions, knowing my necessary outcomes and deadlines.. By introducing the flow element, I end up enjoying the process much more; unconscious can prioritize the actions and all important things get done.

As this post is about authenticity… I think it’s important to understand yourself and accept yourself as you are and use those abilities instead of judging yourself for being something other than you think others expect you to be…

Talk See You Tomorrow!


Ps. Here’s my video of the day…

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