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Eero Tunkelo

Eero Tunkelo, MBA

Eero Tunkelo, Co-Founder and Product Manager of Loupedeck and Chief Operating Officer (COO) of Kieku Labs, is an executive manager, business consultant and trainer/coach/mentor.

With background in business, technology and variety of industries, Eero brings to the company a vast warehouse of experience developing companies toward their next goals.

Combining involvement in technology development, studying natural principles and implementing progressive business from late 1980’s to today, Eero brings a unique combination of visionary and pragmatic leadership to his clients in Europe, USA and Asia.

Eero’s Formal Education includes MBA in Sustainable Business, M.A. in Educational Innovation, B.A. in Science of Creative Intelligence and B.Sc in Mathematics with technical emphasis. His passion for continuous learning is important element in continuously developing skill set and progressive context for most impactful contribution in client organizations and development of their business and technologies.