Be True to Your Strategy – Day 11 / 40

Today I want to create a context for tomorrow’s video. I believe that once you have decided what your strategy is and you know it’s best for you, I suggest you stick with it and don’t let anyone – even myself – talk you out of it…

I love affiliate marketing in for many reasons, but if your strategy is to make a product, stick with it. Change your strategy only if you find it currently really not working for you, and you KNOW for sure that the change of strategy is an improvement, rather than just a change.

Affiliate marketing I’ll talk about tomorrow, so I will focus on the products and services this time.

After you master affiliate marketing, you know how your industry works and marketing and sales in the internet works. Time to create a product.

You can deliver content automatically with email sequences, webinars, ebooks, videos, membership sites etc.. In this way you can serve a large number of people. You can charge less and get more volume at this level. Products are perfect for this phase.

Once you can serve a large number of people with products, you can take a smaller more dedicated group of customers and offer them a combination of product and a service. Service could be consulting or workshop – live or via skype / phone. The point is that at this point you can charge what you consider yourself and your time to be REALLY worth. Also at this point your customers are very dedicated and committed to getting most from your products and services.

And.. here’s the video of the day! Enjoy and see you tomorrow!



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