Billions in change – Most inspiring movie of the year

If there is one inspiring movie each year, this is the one for this year: Billions in change.

It’s about the guy who invented 5 hour energy and made billions of money. Being humble, simple and very real, he decided to use the money to make the world a better place. More you have, more you have responsibility for those who have less. That’s this philosophy.

He started a company “Stage 2” to solve biggest challenges world has and is tackling them several at the time.

  • He has a machine allowing one person to power up a household for 24 hour by peddling an exercise bike type machine for an hour.
  • He developed an unlimited source for energy that can power countries. This comes from earth’s core’s heat and bringing it to the surface using a cable made of Graphite strings.
  • He has developers a “rain maker” that can create drinking water or agricultural water from oceans solving drought in California and other parts of the world.
  • He has further developed a device to improve health. This can become a cure for cancer among many other things. It works by improving circulation and consequently removing “trash” from the body that would cause health problems.

I really enjoy his attitude toward life, work and philanthropy. Work is a hobby. Aggravation is the largest cost in business. Philanthropy is meaningful when it makes a sizeable impact to reduce human suffering and improve quality of life. It’s not about how much money, brains or PhD’s you throw at problems. Maybe one or a couple of people bring the real solutions to the biggest problems world may be facing.

Definitely worth 43 minutes and 2 seconds of your time!


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