Eero M. Tunkelo, General Manager, Digital Experts Academy

General Manager, Digital Experts Academy

Eero Tunkelo is the general manager of Digital Experts Academy (DEA) and its affiliate training program, the Six Figure Mentors (SFM).

In addition to overseeing day-to-day operations and making the company vision a reality for all members, Eero is responsible for developing and implementing the long-term strategic goals of DEA/SFM.

Eero brings a wealth of professional experience to the company; he has built, managed and held executive positions in over 10 companies.

He holds an MBA in Sustainable Business, M.A. in Educational Innovation, B.A. in Science of Creative Intelligence, B.Sc in Technical Mathematics and Ph.D in Cybernetic Transposition.


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Eero Tunkelo

Always Become a Greater Version of Yourself!


To create progress combining latest technology and learnings from eternal wisdom of nature.


I envision a world where as a result of executing my mission, people on earth experience more happiness, are more honest with themselves and others around them, and enjoy increasingly higher levels of excellence in their lives.


1. HappinessI thrive when I am happy.

2. (Virtue) HonestyI am at my best when I am honest with myself and everyone else.

3. (Character) ExcellenceI always do my best. I always look for ways to develop an even better version of myself and my best I can deliver.

4. Awareness: I’m constantly seeking to expand my awareness.

5. Resolved: Once I am fully resolved, I’m unstoppable. I don’t start projects I don’t intend to finish.

6. Belief: I am at my best when I believe in what I do. To do this I question everything to seek validity in truth.

7. Loyalty and Trust: I am loyal and trustworthy person and I assume you are also loyal and trustworthy.

8. Abundance: I believe there is enough to go around. I always work toward Win-Win-Win deals and situations.

9. Fairness: I treat people fairly and I expect them to do the same.

10. Intuitive Visionary: I see the emerging future trends easily.

11. Progress and Innovation: I pair progress with innovation to solve any challenges that might come along the way.




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