Birthday Blog Post!


Greetings! Today is my birthday! I’m writing this blog post a few days after the actual day as I was busy enjoying on the actual day.

First I enjoyed a spiritual experience early in the morning as that’s a big part of my life. If you are interested in these kind of things, ask me about it.

I really enjoy learning and revising my skills – so I spent my Saturday and Sunday in a workshop with the Robert Kiyosaki and Donald Trump of Finland: Mikko Sjögren ja Jaakko Savolainen. Workshop was financial and investment training in a workshop organized by a training company Varapuu. Loved it.

The Robert Kiyosaki and Donald Trum of Finland: Mikko Sjögren ja Jaakko Savolainen.

The Robert Kiyosaki and Donald Trump of Finland: Mikko Sjögren ja Jaakko Savolainen.

Finally, I enjoyed some awesome social life… No pictured of that to show here, 😉

Overall birthday was a spectacular one. It was the big 40, so I wanted to be well prepared for it…
I want to share a few things I did to prepare for it:

  • I cleaned up as many relationships as possible. All is not possible, but my side of things as far as I am concerned is clean. Ex girlfriends, family, work and business related…
  • Made peace with my past. I went through my past and got even with it all. This was a big endeavor. I was going to make a collection of highlights, but I’ll make that happen later. Point is that I found more good memories and the bad memories I had weren’t that bad. i.e. I’m at peace with my past and happy with it as it is.
  • I planned my upcoming 20 years. I have a massive vision board on my wall with a timeline. This is a full reset of what happened, happened… and if I get to choose this is the future I’d be delighted to live. I’ll make that or something even better happen. Future is really exciting now!
  • I recreated my body again. First with exercise and diet, then more radically with 40 day juice fast and even more workout. I lost 15 kg within those 40 days. and total of 30-40 kg since I left USA (I didn’t weigh myself there, thus rough estimate…) Now I feel like my body is 20 years old… It’s awesome to do yoga and all sorts of things, as when I was 20. And from the comments, I look that way too..
  • Spiritually I did a massive reset as well. Also energetically recreated myself on my birthday and right after. I feel stronger in myself and clearer about what I want intuitively and I spontaneously get things done.

These were the major reset buttons I pressed and started the reboot of my life. Feels good. Many other things also were rebooted as a result. It’s pretty awesome.

This is the Eero v 2.0:

Eero Markus Tunkelo v2.0

Eero Markus Tunkelo v2.0

This is the version of me that moved from London back to Finland a few weeks ago. The version of me that moved to Europe from USA was very different. Right now… I’m already a bit different… Life goes on and evolves. It’s not just about the body, but it is about the experience of life and where we can go with the body we have.

To the awesome adventures coming up next 40 years. Join me and let’s make is a awesome journey!


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