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Arden: Rewire your brain

Arden: Rewire your brainur brain"

One realization that pushed me start blogging came from Arden’s “Rewire your brain”.

I’m taking an outstanding class on neurophysiology of development and learning with Fred Travis. In the class, we talked about rewiring the brain. The elements of the “FEED” formula are:

  1. F: Focus – Decide what you want to accomplish and focus your activities toward that. For instance, if you want to learn drawing, start practicing and playing with the thought. If you have stress or traumatic aversion regarding drawing, focus on things that you are most easy with, like colors or shapes.
  2. E: Effort – Doing changes the brain. Take small steps or large steps, but take steps – actions within your focus area and you will see a skill developing.
  3. E: Effortlessness – Do it until it becomes easy. Skill becomes a habit. There is ease and comfort and lots of joy at this point.
  4. D: Determination – This is a decision to continue, even if you run into internal blocks. With good enough reasons, you will keep on going. With enough creativity, you will always find another way to continue.

This sequence supports the kind of advice I have been giving when coaching and training people on goal setting and goal achievement. I just thought this is a cool support from the side of the brain physiology.

More soon. Please comment and let me know whether you find this useful in supporting your process improvement.

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