Desire Calibration – Day 13 / 40


I developed a new concept called Desire Calibration.

What it means is to calibrate your desires by this process

  1. Being aware of the desire
  2. Acting upon the desire
  3. Punching through the resistance
  4. Evaluating the feedback
  5. Revising the desired outcome
  6. Feeling the resulting feeling and new desires

If you are aware of your desires and take action, that desire gets exercised and you’ll get a result. Possibly a result you want and possibly something else. Examples

  • You find someone you feel attracted to. If you don’t approach, you start to feel awkward. If you do go and have a chat (applies to both genders and all orientations), the charge of the desire goes away. You will get one of two results: 1) you want to continue as you found what you are looking for or 2) you know what you don’t want and you’ll know what you are looking for next – and that calibrates your desires.
  • You are in a networking event or a social event and you see someone you respect. If you don’t approach and introduce yourself and pitch your idea, you’ll feel awkward and feel like a failure. (generalized assumption, usually the case – not a suggestion). If you go and talk to them, you might find it easier and more friendly encounter as people often like helping others and connect. You might get the result you are looking for and calibrate your desire toward your next step toward your goal. Or you get a result you didn’t want and your desires get calibrated toward people you are looking to connect with.
  • You build a business in a niche of your choice. After that you either find out that you love it and want to expand or you find out that that’s not where you want to work in and choose another field. Taking action toward your desired outcome and following the energy makes things happen. From the results you calibrate your desires regarding what kind of business you want to build.
  • If you reach your goal like a big house, you might find out that you love it and want to have another one or you might find that you actually want to have a small house in different parts of the world.

Point is that if you are not aware of your desire and take action it demands, you won’t release the charge and know what comes after that. It’s better to act upon all of the desires that come and calibrate all of your future desires toward even more suitable goals and actions.

And … the word of warning. Remember to distinguish feedback from resistance coming from unconscious self-defeating habit patterns. Feedback usually comes with a sense of resolution and calm and understanding. When punching through resistance, that usually feels uncomfortable and you simply need to make peace with yourself and get over yourself – and get the job done…


That’s my tip of the day. Play with it and drop me a line – letting me know how this is working for you. And… Remember to be bold fulfilling your desires all the time!



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