Digital Detox – Day 31 / 40

I didn’t do my blog post yesterday… why? I was doing a digital detox…
What is digital detox and why would one do it…
It simply means that for a certain amount of time (x hours or x days) one doesn’t use or even carry with a mobile phone or any other digital device.

I grew up when mobile phones and smart phones didn’t exist and computers were just invented. So, I know what life was like back then. I have also taken off several years from using smart phones after working for Nokia. I’m not saying that things were better back then or that this does not apply if you grew up with digital lifestyle or lived without it for a majority of of your life. What is relevant what your lifestyle is now and does it serve all of your life.

So what’s the point… In this day and age, we have a lot of instant gratification habits and responses that we satisfy by looking at the phone… And sometimes we simply unplug from the world by plugging into the digital world via phone or iPad or such device. While I love what it makes possible, at times I value the time when I can connect with people and myself – without looking down to a device screen.

So what happened during the digital detox? Without telling the whole story of the day, I think the core experience for me was to realize how many compulsive impulses I get during the day. Now that I didn’t have a digital device with me I got to evaluate whether those impulses are really relevant and take me toward my goals, or are they just simple quick desires that come up and don’t really matter.

During the day I had a couple of calls that were important, but I can take care of them today. It’s nice to see that I can take off time for myself and world does not end… I can also plan my business and life around the detox days.

Also, as a new habit, whenever I get an impulse to do something with my phone, I get to evaluate whether it’s really important, does it take me to my goals, and am I well prepared to take the action or am I just reacting on a random impulse… You get more power over your life and can build more virtuous circles and eliminate vicious circles. – as we covered a couple of days ago

Point is to feel good in life. If you are not having an awesome day, consider doing a digital detox for a day or half a day and see if it makes a difference.

Everyone gets their own realizations from the digital detox. I recommend giving it a go. See it yourself and you might find surprising results from giving your full uninterrupted attention to yourself, family members, friends or non-digital work…



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  • Great post and video! Well done Eero. We are definitely all going to benefit from taking these Digital Detox days, that’s for sure!

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