Education and Mobile

I am along the same lines as Michael Saylor: Education is coming online, going mobile. This opens up opportunities for education for people who previously did not have access to it. Mobile makes it cheaper and easier to reach a lot of people.  I already wrote about Khan Academy in another post and we have witnessed more free and cheap education emerge online.

When Nokia was bringing out the first Symbian based smartphones, mobile internet appeared more an experiment to me than a trend for the future. Now the trend is clear (and been for a while) – internet is moving to Mobile and other manufacturers have run with it much faster than Nokia. Apple is now the market leader, but is losing market share to Android, OS primarily used by Samsung. Apple is shipping 37 million units in 12 weeks and Samsung shipped 50 million in the last 12 weeks. Samsung is improving its position and future is looking very bright.

Apple, Samsung and Nokia with other players are bringing Internet to the mobile phones and that brings education to the mobile devices which predictably will be available to virtually everyone on the planet. This opens an entirely new kind of world, where anyone can choose which education they want to get and create the life they desire. We are looking at a very different kind of world, more globally equal and more accessible career fulfillment. The new world – powered by mobile education, facilitated by mobile devices.

Before closing, I want to predict another trend. I don’t fully agree that English language and American lifestyle will annihilate all other cultures and languages. It’s a facilitator for global markets, communication and education. However, local languages and cultures will play a larger role in the development of the world. Google and Microsoft have seen these trends and are providing services. I agree that locality will play less role in the global markets, but at the same time there is a strong trend for people to hold onto their culture and language. You are missing a large portion of the market if those who prefer their own language are ignored. I think most mobile manufacturers have realized how important it is to do localizations for the language and nuances that work in different localities.

Summa summarum: Education is going mobile and global. English language and western culture will make it easier to communicate and conduct business and educate people. The value of local languages, cultures and customs will become important to software and mobile device manufacturers. More of localization customization technologies will be developed to reach and serve these markets that are larger than it appears.


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