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I have a tendency to get into the media very easily and even unintentionally. During my undergraduate studies, when I visited home (Finland) from the US where I studied, I was automatically in the newspapers, radio and even TV in front of hundreds thousands of viewers. Over my career the same phenomenon repeated. I’m not seeking publicity (except when I’m in a public role), it just always seems to happen that publicity seeks me out.

As I have been in the California’s Silicon Valley in San Francisco Bay area, I’ve been unexpectedly in the media twice during the past couple of months…

1) I was walking down the street in the home of Stanford University: Palo Alto (California Avenue) and I was asked to comment for local news about the plan to build a high speed train from San Francisco to Los Angeles. Being an European, I’m a big fan on public transportation and said that based on what I know it’s a good idea. I did ask a few things about it to form an opinion. Knowing a bit more about it now, I might have more to say…

Check out bottom of page 23 on Palo Alto Weekly:

If you thought that was random… How about this:

2) I get a call from a reporter from Arstechnica about some code I wrote in the 80’s and was broadcasted over the radio waves in a radio program. I didn’t see that coming. It was nice to remember those times. That was actually my first time on the air in the radio. I was invited to speak about my machine language program as part of the radio program. Gee, we didn’t even use an assembler at that time.. 😀

Here’s the artile: and

You can find a link to the original buzzing at the end of my links page:

Although I have been playing low-key as a graduate student and not being in public as much past couple of years, my essential nature seems to come out and the media seeks me out. That’s ok, it turned out to be useful at times. This quality is extremely useful in any leadership position or when running a marketing campaign. I have a feeling that my next major role will be quite public role again.

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