Entrepreneurship Improving The World – Day 14 / 40

Because you are reading this, there’s a good chance you are interested in entrepreneurship. To me the #1 principle of entrepreneurship is “Help People You Want To Help”. This combines your personal values and brand and your favorite customers and their problem/pain point and solution you are providing or connecting them with. So it’s not entirely true that you work for yourself when you are an entrepreneur.  What makes you an entrepreneur is personal leadership and deep self-knowledge and desire to help others. When it all comes together, that’s when an entrepreneur is shining.

I can think of two really good examples of these principles – and two of my all-time favorite entrepreneurial idols: Sir Richard Branson and Elon Musk. I was doing my Sunday Inspiration routine and run into these two clips I think you will love… check them out:


I just saw an interview with Sir Richard Branson on Entrepreneurship. I like his comment that he never thought of starting companies as “starting companies”. Rather, he thought that he was looking around and living life and seeing ways to make things better and shake the world a bit. I found this a good point.

Here’s an interview between Forbes Magazine and Sir Richard Branson:

I also watched a documentary on Elon Musk. It’s an amazing story and I can relate to a number of things there…
He’s very smart and saw the opportunity to improve world when internet was very young and made a lot of money. After selling his first company he wanted to change the world. Thus Paypal was born and now the paradigm for money transfer has changed forever. What happened after that is even more admirable… His vision of what was obvious to him crystallized in three companies:

We are going to be

first… free of fossil fuels and that’s why we need

  • renewable energy sources – SolarCity was born and is the largest provider in America
  • electric cars – Tesla was born and unquestionably leader in its market place

second… going to mars

  • SpaceX was born – and they got a contract with Nasa to fly to the space station

The story in this document is an amazing set of ups and downs and breakthroughs… I rarely advocate multitasking, but if there’s one person that can do that, that’s Elon Musk.

Here’s the document:

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