Facebook dis-approvals… – day 18 / 40

Continuing on the Facebook advertising…

I just had a few of my ads disapproved. And not for the traditional reasons, new reasons. Facebook seems to come up with new ones all the time. And they are not consistent with them. It’s weird to say the least. And if I had a choice to pick a different kind of partner to work with I would. And I am looking for it and I will find it.

Anyways.. before abandoning the ship, let’s work with it.
my tip of the day is… Check all of your ads before making another one.

This is easy to forget if you are using Power Editor as you should be using…
If Facebook decides to change its rules over night, you want to notice it before you put another ad in place. Why? Because they most likely will not approve your new ads if you have one disapproved. And once you have a few disapproved, it’s really hard to get any of them approved – or any new ones.. and more you try to get them approved, harder it gets.

So… learning lesson… before setting a new Facebook ad, make sure all of the ones you have are still approved. If not, deal with it before moving forward…

How to get them approved, that’s another topic.


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