Finding The Why ! – Day 2 / 40

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Before getting in to a journey of creating a business or recreating your body or any other journey like that.. You’ll need to naturally know where you are going (targets). But even before that, you need to know why you are doing what you are doing.

“The Why!”

To know why you are doing what you are doing is much more important than just doing things… as this is the fuel for your actions and translates to inspiration and motivation.

To find it … Some call this process blueprinting. Some call finding your purpose in life. Some call this envisioning.

There’s a bit overlap with this step and the upcoming steps (targeting etc), but the core of this very first step is to allow you to be fully resolved in yourself about what you are doing. This will keep you on track when going gets rough…

If you have a family your why might be obvious and you are ready for the next step.

For some people that are complicated like myself, we actually need to spend some time thinking about it and making it clear in our minds and emotions.

Sourcery of Vision

Here’s one process I found very useful… I learned this from one of my many mentors Clinton Swaine of Frontier Trainings on an advanced course called Sourcery. The idea of this exercise is to draw from within you what you resonate with and make it into a concrete life plan. I found that this made my why really clear. What kind of life I want to live and what is really important to me. Sometimes just the process of going through this is the most important. However, you’ll also end up having a really nice vision board and a timeline you can look at every day if you wish.

These steps are my interpretation of what Clinton is speaking, but totally inspired by him and his process and course. In reality there are 9-10 steps and I’ll just cover a few of them that are relevant to the topic of this post. Here they are:

Step 1. Go through magazines with pictures and take out any pictures that resonate with you. Anything you feel compelled to take out, take out. Don’t edit why you want them, just go with the feeling.

Step 2. Cut the pictures looking clean and place them on a large piece of paper. I have my vision board made of two large flip charts and it takes the entire wall. I love looking at it every day. Back to the instruction…

  • Place things you would like to happen earlier to the left and things you would like to happen later to the right side of the paper. You don’t need to know specifics and details yet, just do this intuitively
  • Don’t leave any white space. It’s nice to have
  • You can group the pictures by themes. This is optional, but I found myself spontaneously grouping fitness related pictures and relationship on certain lines going across from left to right.. And some clustered like activities with friends… Just make it such that you feel great looking at it.

Step 3. Ask yourself why do you have each picture on the vision board. Each picture is symbolic of something and it’s different for each of us.

  • Why do you have it on the board, what does it mean to you.
  • What do you want to accomplish and by when to make it reality – whatever it represents. (Take notes! You’ll need these later.)

If you have someone to do this with, you can ask these questions from each other. Remember to cover each and every picture.

Step 4. Create a timeline underneath your picture.

  • Have left side of the paper be now and right side of the paper be 20 years from now. You can use other time frame if it works for you better. I found 20 years to be a really good way to map out what’s coming next in life – and why…
  • Pit 10 years in the middle of the paper, and 5 between now and 10 years, etc.. You’ll end up with a timeline with each year from now until 20 years from now.
  • You can draw multiple lines, one for each area of life

Now you have a really good picture of what’s going to happen and when – if you got to choose. You don’t always get to choose, but at least you know what you want and can make it happen. This brings up lots of why’s .. at least for me.

Step 5. Go through each timeline event and ask yourself what if your contingency plan or plan B. You might have a goal that is totally out of your comfort zone, and see how you would tackle each objection that comes to your mind or how you would get resources you need etc.. The purpose of this step is to create peace of mind and certainty that you can achieve what you want in your life. It also helps you to connect with why you want to accomplish each thing by handling each internal objection. Great way to connect with your purpose.

The following steps convert the vision and the goals and milestones into specific targets and action steps.. We will cover that kind of things in upcoming blog posts.


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Say hi to Clinton for me and enjoy the games. You’ll love it.

Purpose, Mission, Vision, Values, “Stand for” -mapping

Another way to approach your “Why” for doing anything in life is to explore what is your purpose / mission in life, what things are valuable to you and what do you stand for in life.

First I want to mention that I recommend developing a belief that there is a purpose for you being here, even if you don’t know it right now. You may have a hunch for what it is, or feel like there is a special reason for being here that you want to discover. I am getting this idea from Elliott Kay “The Coach With the Hat” who runs his fre e two day event “Power to Succeed”. He makes great examples of this during his seminar. If you are in London or you can get a flight (Ha! make it happen.  🙂 then definitely participate in this event. Click here to sign up.

There are many exercises to work on your personal blue print. I’ll just give a few tips in this post to get you started:

  • You vision is how the perfect world would be for you – and after you make your impact on the world – You can get pretty close to this with the vision board process I described above. However, if you write out your vision, it makes it much more concrete from another angle.
    Example: I have a vision that everyone in the world can experience progress and freedom in their internal life and in their material life as well.
  • Values are what you value in life and what you believe in and what you want more in your life and what you want to live by in your life – and toward which you build your life. You derive them from your vision.
    Example: I value honesty, accountability and loving kindness.
  • Mission is something you do every day to live your values (or go toward them) and make your vision a reality.
    Example: My mission in life is to create progress in life – for myself and everyone around me.
  • Purpose is one way to say “Why” behind all of the above. What’s the purpose or why for you…
    Example: I have created in my vision board a life I really want to live and there are people that I will invite to experience this life with and I want to make this all happen. It all boils down to the experience of freedom and progress and amplifying it by living it with others..
  • Taking a stand is to take a concept that you strongly believe in. It could be something above or something else. It’s something you can express in all that you do.
    Example: I’m a stand for people experiencing progress in their lives.

One good reference is Simone Vincenzi. If you are in London this upcoming Saturday, check out his one day workshop. Click here.

I could dedicate an entire blog to this topic…

This is just a scratch of a surface and my intention is to offer a few ideas on how to find your “Why” which can fuel your business and all important things in your life.

Happy to discuss more about these if you want. You can just contact me and have a good chat with me..

Tomorrow we will look at Authentifity and flow before we will get to how to pick your industry or area you want to work in followed by actually coming up with concrete goals and targets and actions… (hmm.. sorry for the long sentence.. 🙂




Ps. Oh nearly forgot… Here’s the video… I recorded the first version at 5 am after flying from London to Helsinki. I was waiting for a train so I decided to use the time effectively. I decided to shoot it again this morning. 🙂


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