Finland is #1 in education

I’m taking a class on American education as part of my masters in educational innovation. Every day we cover the destructive effects of “No Child Left Behind” act, some creative ideas on improving the system… and … how great things are in Finland!

Having gone through my elementary and secondary education in Finland, I have a footnote on how perfect it is, however, I do now realize how smashing great it was compared to the basic education I would have received in the US.

McKinsey’s report¬†(page 15) shows Finland as the only one that reached the excellent level. Even South Korea which competes Finland with its PISA results in Science and Mathematics is in the lower end of “Great”. (and they work hard, long days and hate school – Finns have short days and generally enjoy school)

What makes things even more interesting is to think how to make education rise from excellent to outstanding. This will be one of my presentation topics this month.

I’ll also be writing about rising up Washington DC from poor to fair or fair to good. I think that’s important, because DC hosts the leaders of the world. You would want leaders of the world to be surrounded by well educated people, right. ūüôā

In personal finance, education loans are considered “good debt”, because higher education usually turns into higher income after graduation.

Finland has proven that¬†spending¬†6.6% of its GDP on education helps to increase solidity of the economics. Right now Finland is one of the most economically solid countries in Europe. That’s pretty cool.

Here’s a pretty good video on the topic you might enjoy:


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