How to be more successful without much hard work

Lately I have been getting quite a bit of questions about how to become more successful without much hard work.

I’ll address some of the questions in this post.

There are a few things that one needs to know about success and lack of success.

First, everything in our life is originating from ourselves and we build everything that appears in our lives. I am simply stating the way things are. You can question whether this is true or not, but you will soon find that in order to be empowered, you need to take full responsibility for everything that is happening in your life. This includes things that you can influence and things that are normally outside your area of influence.

Once you take full responsibility for everything that is happening in your universe, you have the power over your reactions on what happens to you in your life. In addition to being in charge of your reactions on what happens to you, you can start to create your world the way you want it to appear to you – and what you want to appear to you in your life.

This brings us to the point of what you define as success. How do you know that you have achieved success? What do you need to own, have, be, experience in order to be successful.

The rule of thumb is that if you achieve things that are in alignment with your goals, and you feel great about the process and the milestone accomplishments, you are experiencing success.

For you to achieve something toward your goals, you need to define some goals. Those goals you should define out of your super grand vision – greatest version of yourself and your life that you can imagine. Once you know your vision of your ideal life, and your goals, you can set up milestones, something that is your next accomplishment toward your goals. These milestones, like goals, should be very concrete, measurable and achievable.

Once you have set your milestones, you can think about your strategy on how to get to your milestone. You can break your strategy into a set of tactics to get the job done.

Out of all of the above, you can define your mission, which is something you do every day in order to live your values embedded in your vision in order to bring forth progress toward your milestones and goals.


Now, you might say that that’s a lot of work…. In fact.. it’s a lot of thinking.

If you feel overwhelmed, don’t worry. I presented a lot of terms without explaining them in depth. You can use the above as a reference or context for the time you define what you are doing and where you are going.

Back to the original question… How to be more successful without much hard work…

In order to feel successful, you want to be doing something you enjoy doing. What you do should also bring you to a new state of fulfillment when you reach your milestones.

You can also start from what you are passionate about and good at and gives you much fulfillment – and then go through the above process to map out your life.

Then the second part of the question: without hard work…

You will need to do stuff. Once you know what you want and how to get there, you need to become the person that is needed to get the job done. This happens on the level of the being. Being productive, being proactive, being smart etc.. and becoming the person that has already reached the milestone, goal and lives the vision: being happy, being fulfilled, being friendly, being fit, etc..

Hard work means a process you don’t really want to do.

Work means getting stuff done.

Being successful without hard work means that you enjoy what you are doing. Process is pleasurable. Now, review the first part of the post and see if that gives you an insight into how to get this done.

As a summary… Be clear of what you want to happen in your life, what you want to have in your life and who do you want to become.

The second part is to enable the above. Once we set goals and declare ourselves to be certain way, all of the obstacles appear. Most of these obstacles are within our head. If we take full responsibility for our lives, everything is within our head. This needs to be addressed.

To address the obstacles in our head, we simply frame them by writing them down. Once you list your seemingly infinite number of obstacles, you will find that the list is finite and actually quite short. It seems short, because items on the list keep on repeating in our mind. Some of the obstacles stop existing by just recognizing them.

Those items that do not vanish by recognizing them, they require some action. You may need to talk to someone and clear things our or complete a conversation. You might need to actually go out and work out to get in better shape, or you might actually need to start calling clients to make money. these are actions that address concerns you tend to have in your head.

The result is that you become who you need to become in order to live a successful life without hard work.


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