How To Create And Reverse-Engineer Your Goals And Targets – Day 5 / 40

Today, let’s make it real. And concrete…

So far we have talked about “The Why”, being authentic and choosing your industry and niche. Today let’s look into making it more concrete.

You already know what you want in life if money was not an issue. This time, let’s consider how much money you need to make it all happen. Come of with a number and a deadline and there you have a very concrete goal or target. For example… If you look at your lifestyle and decide that it will take $100000 to make it happen, then your goal becomes: I will earn $100000 by the end of September 2015. That’s a clear goal, isn’t it!

Now the value of reverse-engineering is to turn this into actions you can take today. Divide the goal into believable monthly milestones with $ amount on them, and how many sales you need to reach that dollar amount. For example, I would divide this to $10k monthly milestones. Value of my each sale is $850 on the average, so I need to make 12 sales to reach my goal – given the customers are well prepared and suitable. I use capital reinvestment to boost the sales, but let’s keep this example simple for the time being.. We can talk about fine tuning another time.

After you do these, you can do two things..

1. visualize the target experience, not only as having the lifestyle, but having achieved the goal and each of the milestones. You will find a lot of things inside yourself come up. Once you make peace with those parts of yourself, right action toward your goal comes naturally.

2. Take action: do the right things that take you toward your goal and repeat those actions. Also be open to intuition suggesting things you wouldn’t get consciously…

That’s that folks! Hope you enjoyed reading this… And watching… Here’s the video of the day:

See you tomorrow!




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