How to steer your thoughts emotions and actions – day 6 / 40

Hello and welcome to day 6!

Today i will talk about steering your thoughts, emotions and actions toward your goals.

It’s natural to pick this topic after having covered how to find your why, how to develop your goals and reverse engineer your milestones.. and turn them into concrete actions each day.

When getting into action you will notice lots of things come up. Those are usually thought and emotions and occasionally you just find yourself doing something other than you intended. Having a to-do -list is a good idea and being on the flow is also good. However what I want to do today is to introduce a very useful distinction…

When you are working on your to-do -list, …and you notice that you are doing something other than what you are supposed to do; check whether you are in the flow and its actually what you are intuitively supposed to do… or is it an old unconscious habit pattern that does not serve you… if its the latter you might want to take a deep breath and get back to what you were doing. If thoughts come back do the same. If its persisting, see what is really going on. It might be your blueprint that is off. What i mean by blueprint is your “the why”… The thing that drives you toward your goal or away from it…

Go back to day 2 video and review it and see whats going on. What thoughts are coming up and whats behind the emotions and involuntary actions… This could be something deep or a simple adjustment and realization around why you are doing what you are doing…

That should put you back on track..

If you have this experience, send me a comment. If it didn’t work for you let me know what happened and i’ll be happy to address it in a future blog post.

Here is my video on the topic that i did a few days ago. it came up when i moved from UK to Finland and started cycling. I was unintentionally driving on the wrong side of the street from time to time. Even today i had to switch sides when I realized I was habitually driving on a wrong side if the street.

It takes some practice or training to get new habits effectively in place. A powerful Indian Spiritual Master Swami Brahmananda Saraswati said that if you do it once it becomes a habit. I am sure he is right in the context he was saying it. I do believe you need more repetitions to make a new habit stick and leave the old habits behind. It is popular to assume it takes 21 days to establish a habit. I like making sure and take 40 days. Thus this 40 day challenge. It’s also a question of repetitions and intensity you use to establish the new habit… We come to a question of Training which we will cover in another video.

So this is what i leave you with today. Tomorrow we’ll look at what’s great in your world…

Enjoy life and get to your goals!


Eero M. Tunkelo

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