How To Turn Undesirables Into Assets And Find Awesomeness In Everything – Day 7 / 40

Today I’m tackling the much spoken of gratitude thing.. I think the word is a bit overused and has funny associations. At least to me.. To me it’s easier to utilize this concept through real life examples…

I get a lot of questions about moving from the exciting city of London to a small town of Seinajoki, Finland… Why? Isn’t it boring.. There’s nothing there.. etc..
If I had that attitude, it would really not serve me. Instead this is what I think:

  • It’s awesome to be able to be in a place where I don’t have many distractions and I can focus on building my business for a few months solid.
  • I can still find awesome things to enjoy in this town. I even started a Facebook group to put my attention on it consciously every day – and have other people appreciate all awesomeness in this city.
  • I can make a contribution while I’m here.
  • I can spend less time commuting and doing things that are not taking me toward my goals, and
    I can spend more time and focus on things I enjoy, bring me balance and take me to my goals!

You can see the attitude shift I naturally developed when the plan came together. Once you make a shift like this – no matter what your challenge may be, you’re moving forward full speed!

This is the tool I want to share with you today. So, look for awesome things in your life and situation and surrounding. Also look how your challenges and non-desirable things are actually beneficial to you and your mission in life. Once you find this, you become so powerful! It’s amazing!

Here’s my video of the day that I recorded in this exceptionally sunny day…

Thanks for reading and watching. See you tomorrow!

Eero M. Tunkelo

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