Importance of Personal Branding

Wouldn’t it be cool to have your own personal brand?

If you could attract your ideal customers to your personal brand, wouldn’t that be awesome?

I just did a process with Digital Experts Academy’s Platinum program to discover my personal brand. Although I have spent a lot of time in self-discovery and personal branding, this is taking it to the next level.

A month ago I went to a live workshop with Jay Kubassek where I redefined my values, vision, vision, tagline and other elements of personal brand building from within. Yesterday’s call was about moving those to colors, fonts and other elements of personal brand.

Personal brand  reflects who you really are and attracts the kind of customers to you that you want. This is from the personal to business point of view.

So, there’s great value in knowing yourself and learning how to express it in a way that attracts around you the kind of people you like to work with.

This connects to marketing. You want to reach your market and you know your ideal customer i.e. Avatar. This process of personal branding helps to connect and attract the ideal customers to your business.

If you did this process, it would help you understand your brand, all elements of it, and how to use them in different social media, web sites etc. Logo and other parts of the brand needs to be consistent across all social media accounts, email, web sites etc.

My next step is to work with the branding expert Natalie on the concrete elements of my brand. Exciting! I’m excited to share the brand with you and let you learn more about my story through it. I’ll keep you posted.

If you are interested in personal branding, it is available at The Digital Experts Academy via The Six Figure Mentors. To learn more about The Six Figure Mentors, you can check out this link.:

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