Information Technology is in Fashion again

Technology never left us and it’s here to stay. But you have to admit that during the years talk about recession and even depression has taken its toll on the value of technology companies and availability of jobs in the industry.

From my observations, a renaissance for the IT sector has begun. Expensive acquisitions (like Instagram purchased by Facebook for $1 Billion) and high demand for IT professionals are signs that tell me that IT sector is recovering and it is much stronger now than the past few years.

The evolution of any industry can also be seen here. Most of the “wild west” -time is over. The industry is starting to get more and more “industrialized”: professional, standardized and stabilized. Companies are professionally managed and industry has a set of standards that are in mutual understanding and used as a base for new layers of apps and other technologies.

Being an enthusiast for emerging technologies, this is exciting time. More new technology is continuously built on top of the previous layers of technology: Web apps, mobile apps, Facebook apps and Widgets to give a few examples.

It’s also noticeable that US is bringing in much more competence from outside the country. Some call H1b visa the secret weapon of the US in bringing in good brains that can do the job required to stay competitive.


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