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Hi everyone,

I recently run into an incredible learning tool: I immediately adopted it as one of my favorite web sites to get answers and to learn cool stuff. (that’s an academic term)

I instantly went through the lessons on banking system and credit crisis to make sure I understand correctly what’s happening in the financial markets. But then the real fun started when I just followed my interest and took lessons that trigger my interest. Learned more about anatomy and heart disease, earth quakes and Richter scale, distant galaxies and ancient Rome. Journey has only begun.

All lectures are short youtube videos. They are easy to digest, even very advanced topics are explained in simple, understandable ways and illustrated at the same time. It’s easy to keep the attention on short lessons as we know from brain studies. It’s also easy to follow progress, because the web site tracks videos you watch as well as exercises you choose to do.

It’s no surprise that the founder Salman Khan was invited to give a TED talk on the topic:

Check out at least the first 1 minute and 9 seconds to see a cool montage of the vast range of topics he covers in the videos.

I believe Khan Academy will change how we learn. It does not only make learning fun and serve the majority of people already learning fine, but it supports those who are slower learners and with different learning modality, as well as advanced learners that get frustrated in regular classes. Students can evolve comfortably in their zone of proximal development. If they are having hard time learning, they can go through lessons again and get tips on exercises and even go back to more basic lectures. For more advanced students, more advanced lectures and exercises are available at any time. All students can work on things at their own pace. At a glance, teachers can see where each student in the class is at and what they are good at, have trouble with, what videos they spend time watching etc…

It also opens possibilities in home schooling and schooling in areas and life situations where it would otherwise not be possible. This web site has a potential to change the world by becoming a global classroom.

Technology has been adopted by some school districts in the US. Even Bill Gates is using KhanAcademy to teach his children and put lots of money into the project as well.

Is this awesome or what?

I’m about to give a presentation on the topic. I might post a version of the presentation later on.

Thanks for sharing the excitement with me. 🙂


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  • Nice! I love KhanAcademy as well, there is a ton of content in whatever field of study I am interested in that day. Always good to see other people adopting it as well!

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