Morning Rituals For Success- Day 28 / 40

As in many things, the beginning sets the tone for what is to come. Hence come the morning rituals to the rescue…

By consciously doing a set of right things you can set the tone for the day and this is important because – well, meaning of life is the expansion of happiness. It also has a practical value in terms of business building. Once you are in good energy in the morning, that carries you through the day. This in turn attracts better interactions and people and consequently potential customers and sales etc. It’s also important for productivity and overall enjoyment in life.

I’m going to share my morning ritual to allow you to also look into your mornings and possibly develop some new habits…

1. Before I go to sleep I make sure I will wake up with the sun. I don’t use blinds on the windows. This might need adjustment depending on the latitude you are in and the time of the year.. Sleeping in is necessary sometimes to catch up with rest, but sleeping late in the morning consistently just creates lethargy.

2. I also make sure I get enough air in the room. If I can’t sleep with the window open or have good ventilation, I’ll make sure I get fresh air to the room first thing in the morning.

3. I watch a video, read a book or listen to an audio. For me this is the first thing to get my mind into the space of moving forward, finding solutions and most of all, getting out of bed with enthusiasm.

4. Water. I usually drink 0.5 liters or more of distilled water with Himalaya salt and other good things in it. Body needs at least half a liter of water to replenish what is used over night. It doesn’t have to be distilled with the goodies I use, it’s just a habit from my 40 day fast. I recommend using purified water of some sort.

5. Freshly squeezed juice. I use masticating juicer and make a variation of pineapple, sweet potato, apple, ginger, beetroot, carrot juice. That seems to work for me better than the green juices. If I’m traveling I often go for freshly squeezed orange juice. This is a habit I wouldn’t take away, after the experience of my 40 day juice fast. This keeps my body healthy, fit and feeling really good. You can consider this an efficient food supplement and re-hydration if nothing else. If juicing is too big of a jump for you, make sure you eat something healthy rather than non-healthy. I’ll leave it there. You can do the research. 🙂

6. Exercise. Simple set of pushups, plank, situps etc. building up the reps. The point here is to get into the body and wake the body up so it feels good and supports the mind and emotions during the day. Another purpose is to get over your head/conditioned mind and break your record a bit each time. This conditions the mind to break boundaries in business building and other areas of life as well. I don’t mean to be fanatical about this, rest days are also important. There’s a set of exercise I do during the day. This is just to get the day going.

7. Review my vision. I have my vision board, milestones and actions on my wall, so they are convenient to check out during after my workout.

8. Bathroom stuff. Shower is another wake-up for the body, mind and emotions. There’s a reason why lots of brilliant ideas come up in a shower and in the bath. (Eureka!) It’s also important to make sure you look presentable before starting the day. This is not only for the others, but for yourself to feel good about yourself, feel productive and attractive so you can attract customers and good things during the day.

9. Do that one most important thing. For me it’s getting people into my marketing funnel and sales funnel. I bundled it with this blog post as I feel like it’s important to get this done early in the morning. (I’ll be in training for the rest of the day)

This is a typical morning ritual for me. Ritual meaning that I repeat it habitually every morning. Naturally there are variations if I travel etc. Maybe I’m a tougher case in the morning than most people and need a lot of steps to get going. 🙂 On the other hand, I have been building these habits for years and lately I’m just tweaking them and adding to the set.

There are also other routines like spiritual practices and yoga that I incorporate in my morning practice. To keep this simple I just wanted to give a set of simple actions anyone can implement.

Now it’s your turn… Look at your morning and thing and feel what one action would make your morning more positive experience.


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  • Good post Eero! Really inspired me the morning ritual thing. I’m adding to mine as I go and am doing a daily meditation as part of the 30 day blogging challenge!! Tim

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