Multi Level Marketing / Network Marketing?

Once in a while I get asked what I think of Multi Level Marketing (MLM) / Network Marketing.

My opinion is that often they have really good products. In a recommendation business, people recommend the products based on their own experience, and that makes the standard high for the products. However, I don’t believe in the business model.

I think the business model is totally ingenious, but very rarely it works for people. In most MLM business models margins are relatively low and one needs to have a massive amount of people in their downline for it to work. There are some that make a fortune with MLM, but I have a better suggestion…

In this alternative online business model, we get high margin commissions for high ticket sales. Also, it does not require that you need to sell stuff to your friends and family. Instead you can tap into highly targeted markets and never leave the comfort of your home to do that…

To learn more, check out this video:

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