New Cloud Computing Experience from Solu Machines!

Solu Operating systemSolu is the world’s smallest, pocket/desktop computer. This world’s first real cloud computer has a revolutionary operating system with an intuitive user interface. It also offers a new kind of business models. Designed for humans. Future is here.

Imagine… that your pocket-computer stores, organizes and finds your stuff in the same style you think…

This is now reality with a futuristic Solu OS!

No more search windows, applications, files and trashcans… Just “things” combining content and applications, neatly organized in their own spaces, you can zoom in and out and share…  Each of these “things” is a “Cell” or “Solu” in Finnish.

Solu is the first true cloud computer which you can also use offline. Patented predictive smart-cache stores most relevant information for offline use. When you come online, changes are merged seamlessly. All content is secure in the cloud even if you lose or break the device. New device would simply download the data from the cloud.

Developed and manufactured in Finland, this unique, feature rich, wooden computer with a square screen is the most powerful pocket-computer in the market. It works as a single screen mobile computer or one can plug it in and use as a portable desktop computer. Very soon it’s ready to revolutionize the computing experience.

The first ever social computer. A computer created for humans !

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Eero Tunkelo

Chief Operating Officer (COO) of Solu Machines

20160808_Solu Business Card

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