New kind of business incubator… Hacker Dojo!

I’m visiting the Hacker Dojo right now and it’s instantly one of my favorite places. This sign greets me at the door:

Hacker Dojo Warning sign

Hacker Dojo Warning sign

Besides the Red Rock Cafe downtown Mountain View, CA… This is instantly one of my favorite places in town. There’s space, resources and inspired people that will quite automatically inspire to innovate something through the vibrant atmosphere of creating something new and awesome.

Have a virtual tour of the place (not as good as visiting):

This place evolved quite spontaneously and finally the city of Mt. View realized that this group hacked some of the regulations. Thus they are fundraising to make modifications to keep the doors open and to expand…

In both Red Rock Cafe and Hacker Dojo, one can witness innovation in action, implementation in motion. Startups are born in both places every day.

Paying $100/month at the Dojo or a cup of coffee per day at the Red Rock for office rent and resources is not a bad deal at all. Maybe this could be a model for other business incubation spaces… There are definitely businesses hatching here.

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