Past experience merges to present work to create the future – day 23 / 40

Yesterday I explained my business plan (again) to another government official that didn’t have any of the background I have. Meaning, no business background or education or internet business background. I felt like I was describing another planet to them.

While doing that I found that what I’m doing now is combining a lot of things I really enjoy and I have a lot of background in – both education and experience….

  • It’s business
  • It’s affiliate marketing
  • It’s education
  • It has personal development element to it
  • It has a leadership element to it
  • It has marketing element to it
  • It requires mathematics and statistics to track results

I have been looking to combine all of my background experience and training into one business. This is a pretty good combination.

It’s important to have a vision for the future, mission for today to get to the future, and it’s important to pick the kind of business / work that leverages the past experience, training and interests. This combination at its best, you’ll feel the calling to do it and feel the passion while doing it.

Your turn… Think of what are all of the things you have done in the past. How is your current work combining those and how do you see it taking you to the next level toward your vision? If you find this very hard, you might want to dig deeper and see whats missing and bring it into the equation. Life is meant to be lived in bliss. Yes it is… think about it. 🙂

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