Priorities For The Top Values – Day 22/40

There are many ways to do the values, but I think everyone agrees that setting them in order of priority is very important.

In my previous revision, I started with the “Infinite Experience” that dictated my first 3-4 values: Awesomeness, Freedom, Progress and Communication. They all describe the experience I consider basis of my being and it’s surfacing at all key moments in my life – so I want to have more of it and share it with the world. My additional values reflected my values and character how to implement these values in practice.

Currently, I’m learning another way to determine the most important values.
Jay Kubassek is suggesting in his branding workshop that the top 3 values have a specific significance to them.
The significance for the top values are:

1. Value having to do with Happiness

2. Value having to do with Virtue

3. Value having to do with Character

These summarize one’s personal brand. Why is this important? For us to create an impact and be immediately seen as a good person to work with, we want to use this structure. First we say what makes us happy. Second we say why we are good to work with, we are not in business for money only, we are here to make a contribution. Third, we demonstrate character which means we can be counted on.

For me…

1. Awesomeness brings me happiness
My presence and what I do intend to bring people to an experience of ‘awe’ and that brings me happiness!

2. Consideration is my virtue
You can always count on me considering you. I live with my heart leading the way.

3. Loyalty is a character
You can count me on to be loyal to the promises I make and people I choose to work with.

For the other values… I’ll update my bio later on… Just wanted to share this little marketing flavored branding exercise which is also a definite mindset exercise… I recommend using passion test or such for prioritizing but keep in mind this post as it impacts how you come across in your work and marketing.

Thanks for reading and enjoy revising your values…





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