Remember the 20/80 rule – Day 9 / 40

While making my super juice and later in the gym I was listening to an audio book which reminded me of the 80/20 rule or 20/80 rule i.e. the Pareto principle.

Pareto actually never articulated 80/20 but rather much more complicated logarithmic economic formulas.. but in essence he was saying it. It took Management consultant Joseph M. Juran to figure it out and and popularize it while naming it after Pareto… – My little history enthusiasm kicked in..

In practical terms… this principle can be seen anywhere in life and is endorsed by pretty much everyone conscious of personal and business development.

It is, however, something that is good to remind ourselves from time to time. Today, I got this reminder and started to look at my day how I spend my time, what do I really enjoy and what brings me the satisfaction in life and most results in my business. So, I ended up removing a few working activities from my business that were stepping stones but not useful for my outcome – and I focused on new activities that lazer focused on the results. Also, I found myself at the gym, prioritizing it and enjoying my time taking care of my body. That’s where I did my video of the day. And I ended up hanging out with an old friend of mine – which was good fun as usual.

So take a look at your business:

  • Which  20% of your activities bring you 80% of your results? Do more of those.
  • Which 80% of your activities bring you 20% of your results? Actively do less of those.

And in your life:

  • Which 20% of your activities and possessions bring you most happiness? Do more of those – and have those items around you.
  • Which 80% of your activities and possessions bring you least happiness? Actively do less of those and start getting rid of these items that don’t bring real value to your life.

You can apply the same principle to your finances, relationships, food etc.. you get the idea.

With this principle alone, you can completely restructure your life and feel 200% better TOMORROW!

Here’s my very quick video of the day:


See you tomorrow!

Eero M. Tunkelo


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