Simplicity, clarity, focus…

You might remember my web site from last year… Full of fancy widgets, bells and whistles, colourful graphics  and effects… Also there seemed to be much more content there…

During new year, I decided to simplify my life and that reflects on my web site. It’s good from time to time to go back to the basics, clarify the life mission and priorities – and have all areas of life, including career and web site to reflect the new clarity.

Thus now you can see a blank canvas with only a few things on it… As the rebuilding goes on, details start to unfold and be expressed..

Analogously speaking, as bright day and dark night alternate, so does simplicity and complex expressions alternate in nature and life. There is a beauty in nature’s simplicity that’s permeating its complex expressions.

And as it may be a surprise at times… We are part of nature and our lives reflect its cycles and inherent intelligence. … At least when we are honest with ourselves and with our own nature.

What part of nature’s cycle is your life at right now? Maybe one area of your life requires rethinking and going back to the simplicity, back to the basics…

Have a wonderful day and thanks for reading!


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