Smarty and The Nasty Gluttons

Finland is known for its game industry these days. During the early days, there was the first game company and only a handful of games released… I’m talking about 1992-1994…

Here’s a blast from the past…

A game we created together with a team of talented Finnish youngsters for Avesoft Finlandia, the first game company in Finland. Unfortunately Avesoft went bankrupt and this game was never released. Years later I purchased the rights to the game…

I recently got a question from Jouni Korhonen, who wrote the loader with compression and copy protection system, whether he can crack his own code and publish it for those who appreciate retro games like this. I thought this was a better idea than to attempt to create a commercial hit… (We attempted it a couple of times…)

So here it is… Smarty and the Nasty Gluttons! – Game

Smarty and the Nasty Gluttons

Read the “Retro News” -article :”Smarty & The Nasty Gluttons – Unfinished Amiga game sees light of day” or Spanish article in “Amiga Discovery”.

Also check out Scene release and Flastro release for Amiga tech inclined. You can download game from these links.

Here is a direct link to download the game: Smarty-and-the-Nasty-Gluttons. You can play this game with an Amiga emulator, or an actual Amiga. PC version of this game appears to be lost… Sorry.

Here is a video on someone playing the game:


Coding: Eero Tunkelo, Sami Karjalainen
Graphics: Hans Zenjuga, Mikko Lipiäinen
Music: Sami Järvinen, Juha Kujanpää
Sound FX: Antti Mikkonen, Ville Hyvönen
Disc System: Jouni Korhonen
Music and FX system: Jarno Paananen
Game Design: Jyrki Kummola, Sami Karjalainen, Mikko Lipiäinen, Eero Tunkelo
Saxophone: Tomi Kangas
Avesoft Business: Kimmo Kujansuu
and a group of other awesome people..

Winter levels, one of many worlds

Game includes many worlds and bonus levels. You can see them on the video releases and playable emulator version. Clipboard024

More screenshots to be added…

There are lots of good stories around this game, during the early days of the games industry in Finland.

Enjoy the game!


Eero Tunkelo

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