Steve Jobs Stanford Commencement Speech 2005

A friend, mentor and predominant member in the community recommended me this commencement speech by Steve Jobs. This is a very personal story filled with strength in wisdom.

Message is clear:
Follow your curiosity and intuition.

Trust that dots will connect in the future. With that confidence, you can follow the heart and let that create the path for your future.

He gives an example of dropping out of college, but following courses he was interested in.
Single drop-in to calligraphy class became useful when macintosh was designed with multiple fonts.

He was fired from Apple but still felt love toward what he was doing. During the gap he started two companies: Next and Pixar and he found his wife. All 3 still very successful and supporting what he is doing at Apple.

Stay hungry, stay foolish.
Follow your heart and intuition.
Future will unfold itself and it will all make sense later.


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