The future of education focuses on achievements and innovation

Education is already changing.

Currently education takes a set amount of time and results are variable. In the future and already starting now, results are set and time to get there are a variable. Pace and learning modalities will be more individualized and more perspective is provided by multiple teachers and sources of information. This is starting to remind me of higher ideals and higher brain functioning society.
I’m seeing this change in some of the educational systems already. Metro High in Ohio for instance requires all students to pass with A each class. Fast learners can move fast, slower learners will get all scaffolding and time they need. Also project based teaching and of course Khan academy are examples of the new way of thinking in education.

Ideas are not new, the world was just not ready for them. One of the US founding fathers, Thomas Jefferson, who started University of Virginia had ideas along these lines. Students come in, learn what they need to learn and the go out as gentlement (it was single gender at first). Of course UVA started to grant degrees later or and adopted to the system.

Professional training programs also support this approach. Professionally we learn to support our achievements.

If you think of what is the most useful education for life, you can’t deny the fact that you need certain sets of skills and certain sets of knowledge. Learning style and pace is individual and so is the set of talent everyone come to this world with. Why not prepare for life and its achievements in the best possible way, embracing, encouraging and leveraging natural tendencies?

On the other hand, we all have weaknessess. Why not take time learning those skills. There is no reason to be anything less than A.

There is only the moment of Now. And we should always feel that we are an “A” human being.

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