The next step always moves things forward

Let’s imagine you are in an overwhelming situation or situation where you are unhappy the way things are and aren’t sure where to go next. I bet you can think of that kind of situation if you aren’t in one of those situations now.

How to move forward in these situations?

It helps to realize that you can do only one thing at the time. This is true even when you may have lots of things to do in lots of areas of life.. For instance, if you have work or studies to do, need to have a good talk with your spouse and you definitely need to get in shape and start eating healthy. What helps is to list out one small activity for each area of life that would move you forward and would make you feel better.

Then pick the one that appeals to you, feels easy, nice fun or you know that will make you feel great. That one action can get you back on track and get your momentum going so you can continue through the list of these small actions.

Here’s an example:

  • Clean the floors so I feel more at home (note: not the entire house)
  • Go biking (note: not 4 hour workout at the gym 50 minutes drive away etc)
  • Make yourself a protein shake (note: don’t list all of the supplements you think you should be taking)
  • Send one email to move forward your work / studies (note: not all of the things you need to accomplish this month)
  • Call her up and say what you know you need to say (note: don’t need to schedule entire week’s date nights – unless that’s what you need to do)
  • Make a realistic spreadsheet on your finances (note: you don’t need to build a budget month by month at the same time)

You get the idea.. Just write down the first action. And then do it. If cleaning the floor makes you motivated, do it. If going biking works great, do that. If work email is the easiest way to success. That’s the thing to do first. You can do any of the actions above in less than an hour. Some in a few minutes. All of them within a couple of hours.

What happens after that? Make the next list. Remember to have fun (and take breaks) and enjoy the process. If you are pumped up, make your personal strategy and plan ahead a bit more. There’s plenty of material on how to do that… And I’ll be sharing even more of that.

This should resolve your situation quite thoroughly. Why does this work?

First: clarity. You take undefined emotions and overwhelm into clear manageable action steps.

Second: progress. By doing the actions, you feel like you are in control of your life and you can handle the situation.

Third: positive energy. By being clear of where you are and where you are going and actually having an experience on going there, you get energized. Use this energy to build momentum so you become unstoppable.

That’s the thought for the day. Hope you found it useful. Please comment. I’d like to hear how you find this useful.





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