The Value of Challenges – Day 27 / 40

I challenge myself for 30 days… 40 days… 90 days…

I challenge myself to run a marathon in 6 months…

I challenge myself to do 100 pushups in 2 months…

I challenge myself to do a juice fast for 40 days…

I challenge myself to build a highly profitable business in 90 days…

These are just some example of challenges you might have heard of – some variation of them, and yes… I think I have done all of the above already at least once.

Challenges allow one to develop a new habit and consistently bring oneself toward the goals and milestones of one’s vision.

The best challenges in my opinion are full immersions, where one can focus on one topic full time and get it ingrained in their awareness and muscle memory. This could be a juice fast, learning a language or building a business.

It’s called a challenge because it can be challenging. I like to call it a decision or period of focus… but it doesn’t sound as fancy…

To me, once I have my “The Why” set and I know what I want, I develop a strong conviction of what needs to happen next and I naturally want to do it. Although at times it may be challenging as old patterns and external things come up, it’s just something I have decided to do.

To give you an idea how much I like endorsing the idea of challenges, I’ll share how I right now I have consolidated a multiple set of challenges to one 30 day challenge. These are the challenges I’m currently implementing this month:

  • My personal 40 day business building and blogging (etc) challenge (today is day 27)
  • 30 day marketing and business success challenge (Day 5)
  • 90 day blueprinting challenge (day 12)
  • 90 day video blogging challenge (day 27)
  • Plank challenge (restarting, day 1)
  • Pushup challenge (restarting, day 1)
  • Cycling challenge (new level, day 1)
  • Marathon (day 1)

As you can tell, today’s the day for me to consolidate my different challenges.

I do believe it’s good to jump into one immersion at the time and develop one or max two new habits at the time. However, out of the above challenges, I have developed many habits already, now I’m just taking them to the next level. I have been building a business already, now just taking it to the next level. Same with the fitness challenges. Done them all already and they are most of the time in my schedule, but I just want to make it a bit more rigorous…

I also recognize other challenges I have taken and have turned into habits…

  • Daily juicing habit from 40 days of juice fast
  • Daily yoga, now developing more challenging programs
  • Daily spiritual work, changed shape over the years
  • Start the day by reading, listening or watching informational and inspirational material
  • Planning from vision to milestones, and breaking it down to actions – while in sync with my soul. And placing reminders in my environment

I am sharing these with the intention of inspiring you to look at your life and see what areas of life you want to work on and take on a challenge to tackle that are of your life for good. You can also have social challenges or specific skill, action or outcome related challenges. The core is that you know where you want to get to, what daily action (remember rest days also) will get you  there – and then going for it. I have done all of the above and more and I’ll be happy to help you set your goals and cheer you on the way. Contact me if you would like that.

A challenge is best when you have it emotionally extremely clear what you want. Then you don’t need to whip yourself to do things, but you naturally want to do them. That’s why it’s good to dwell on your “Why” a bit more once to make sure you naturally want to get to where you are set to go.

Also it’s important to have a mentor and peers for a challenge to be very successful. But that’s a topic for another post.

That’s it for today. Thanks for reading and I wish you very rewarding challenges!



2 Responses to “The Value of Challenges – Day 27 / 40

  • By now in order to ask that question, I would think you must of looekd into this a little.What interest you?What are your strengths?Do you like to write? depending on what you get into this will require some writingDo you have an advertising budget?Not a very simple question on the surface. Once you have narrowed down these things it will be easier to make a plan.At the moment many methods work but it is all about not one method fits all.thanks for asking this questionif I can help in anyway just askEd Chiasson

    • Eero Tunkelo
      2 years ago

      Yes, you are right. In order to go through an entire 30-90 day challenge, it needs to be in alignment with yourself. Sometimes the answer comes up quickly when the right question is asked. Sometimes it takes a lot of thinking and narrowing it down. More reasons for doing a specific challenge you have, more likely you will be able to complete it and enjoy along the way knowing you really want the result. Stronger your why, stronger your willpower in developing new habits. Thanks for the question(s). Good luck! Eero Tunkelo

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