Value Your Time – Value Pyramid and Reverse Value Pyramid

Two pyramids in this post will change your life if you allow. Here’s the first pyramid:

pyramids 1


This pyramid illustrates how most of the people in this day and age are living their lives. More importantly it shows the 4 classifications of value you can use your time for. This is important for building your business, building your energy reserves and overall living your life purpose.

The 4 areas are explained as:

1. No Value or Negative Value:

  • In terms of business it brings no money to the business or it may even be draining your assets.
  • In energy these activities might be no-use watching TV or negative value like worrying about things you can’t do anything about.
  • On larger scale of living your life, these don’t add value. If you told someone from another planet that you wasted your time on the planet doing nothing of value – this is the kind of of activity we are talking about. I know it’s a far out example, but I want you to do some thinking here.

2. Low Value:

  • For business, it’s a low $ value activity that you could pay someone else to do. Mailing letters, doing gigs that bring in small amounts of money, but not really worth your value.
  • For personal energy levels, this would be running errands, household activities.
  • They help to run life today, but not real significant long-term contribution or massive change would come from these activities…

3. High Value:

  • For business, this would be high $ value activity like contacting paying clients that pay good money. This moves your business forward and brings in reasonably good money.
  • For personal energy levels, this brings out happiness and health in your life.
  • This could be a larger project that improves your life, or doing something on your bucket list.

4. Lifetime Value:

  • This would be like creating a product or branding that will influence your business success for life.
  • For personal energy levels, this is like developing a new habit that improves life as a whole or a quantum leap in the way you view your life.
  • Fundamental long-term thinking. Re-evaluation of values, vision, mission and contribution you want to make. This is about revising your bucket-list and deliberately taking actions that will sustain a new higher level of quality in life and your positive impact in other people in your world.

It’s time to do an inventory of how much time you spend on each of these value generation levels. It may look like the pyramid in the beginning of this post, or be a-type where 2nd from the top is the largest (you can imagine it…).

pyramid 2

It would be good to aim at designing your time usage according to the upside down pyramid above. Most time we want to spend with things that have the greatest long-term positive impact on our lives, our businesses and our world. This includes both re-thinking the mindset (including values and long-term vision) and actions to make these a reality every day.

All 4 levels are important, but the lower levels can be minimized and many of them made automatic – a lot of them eliminated to get most out of our life experience.


3 Responses to “Value Your Time – Value Pyramid and Reverse Value Pyramid

  • This is unique but very informative article Eero. As a busy entrepreneur and online marketer, I usually don’t notice the value my time and forgot to manage it accordingly so sometimes there are few things I forgot to do because of it. I learned many things in this article.Thanks for that! 🙂

  • Love your post, Eero. I would add to the high or lifetime value, reading motivational books. They could be ones written by successful people or they could be ones that teach you to be a better person in any aspect of your life. Never stop learning and leaders are always readers. 🙂

    • Eero Tunkelo
      3 years ago

      that’s right Kim. that would be in the lifetime value category in my opinion… more fundamental means longer time value…

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