Values Revealed, Driven By Infinite Experience – Day 21 / 40

After years, and in fact decades of soul search I have done my values exercise multiple times.

For a day after my birthday, I’m revealing some of my findings…

I found out that what I exist for and stand for boils down to what I call “an infinite experience”. This is an internal and spiritual experience, but could be experienced at any time as I believe all of life is spiritual.

To describe this “Infinitel Experience” I can say that it occurs in communication, an experience of awesomeness, whenever progress is present and if I had to sum it up it would be the word freedom…

To celebrate my 40th birthday, I summed it up into this image:


Infinite Experience is driving my existence and that expands into overall Awesomeness (causing awe), Experience of Freedom, Experience of Progress and making Progress happen, and Communication…

I did some more elaboration on this in my bio page.

The process is eternally continuing discovery and evolution. This is like a time stamp of my personal discovery.

I am in process of continuing to refine and clarify my values, mission and vision as I believe it makes my action and results stronger. I will be taking the Branding seminar with Digital Experts Academy, which you might want to check out.

That’s it folks. Enjoy and remember what you exist for, stand for and live for – and what you want to see more of in your life and in lives of people around you – making it clear what your idea contribution and essentially purpose of life is…



Ps. For the celebration of Autumn, here’s the same seal in Autumn colors. 🙂



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