Video Is Best When Fresh! – Day 19 / 40

I was reviewing some of my videos and realized that whenever I am tired when recording, I don’t quite like the quality of it. Simple math really… Good quality video is easier to produce when feeling fresh and clear.

I am a strong believer in spontaneous, rather than scripted. However, I do believe in some level of planning.

Today’s video is just a quick simple post based on the realization that it’s good to review the quality of everything you do, especially video.. and it’s easy to do quality control and plan ahead to record videos when fresh and most presentable…

Ps. just in case you wonder… I back-dated this to September 26th when I shot the video – although I put this blog post online 4th Oct 2014…

2 Responses to “Video Is Best When Fresh! – Day 19 / 40

  • It’s all in the timing I guess and when you have a full time job these activities get relegated to the evenings. Fair point though 🙂

    • Eero Tunkelo
      3 years ago

      That’s a great point Ian… To get to your goals, sometimes it’s enough to get a thing done any time of the day – not necessarily in the morning. To me point of morning rituals is to get the energy shift to prepare for the day. If I were you I’d look at modified “eating the frog” – principle… Here meaning… What gives your the biggest kickstart for the day – that’s the most important part of the morning ritual worth waking up for… Hope this works for you.. 🙂

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