What is your driver – find what drives you in life.

Hi All,

The other day I was thinking of all of the soul search I have done over the past few years (or decades). How would I boil it down to one thing for in order to have most focus and power. It became very clear that all of the professional and personal development can be boiled down to one word:


There is one word that drives us. That word has the energy that moves your forward. That energy makes you happy. That word or concept, one thing, goes through all of your values, mission, purpose and goals in your life. That’s what guides you. That’s what drives you to do what you do. And it’s your guiding light for good in your life.

The driver is a core value, but it’s above all of your other core values, and expresses through all of your other core values. Let’s see some examples:

  • Progress is my driver. When there’s progress, I’m happy. When there’s stagnation, I’m unhappy. If I bring happiness to the situation, I feel happy again.
  • A friend of mine has a driver called bliss. Follow your bliss, she says. Bliss is what comes from working, and comes up before and after work. She works because it brings bliss. Bliss is her driver.
  • Achievement is a driver for another friend. Ask long as she is achieving, she’s happy. If achievement is not an element in what she does, she’s not happy. By seeing what she does more in terms of the achievements, that’s making her happy again in those situations.
  • Passion is a driver. I have a friend whose life is all about passion and pursuing passion.
  • Contribution is a driver. For great souls like Mother Teresa, contribution is the main driver (My assumption)
  • Connection or Love can be a driver that makes things happen.

You can argue that we have all of the above and more core values in play and directing our actions. That’s true. We all have our basic human needs to fulfill and express. However, if you examine a bit, you will find that you have one that’s driving even the other drivers.

For instance: Progress drives me. Whenever I contribute to others and create progress in others, I feel happy, because I express my driver “progress” through core value “contribution”. Same applies to other core values.

How do you find your driver?

Here’s one way… List all of your happy experiences, places, interactions etc.. and see what core value is present for you during all of those times. Usually you can figure it out very quickly. If you get more than one core values competing for the primary driver, see which one is acting though the other ones.

Now it’s your turn. Find out what you drives you. Go through your experiences now and in the past. Find what core value drives you. – and if you like. Write a comment here with your driver and comments on the process. Let me know how it goes.

Have fun and be driven!


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