What Makes A Result Happen? – Day 29 / 40

Have you ever wondered what causes your results?

And how could you have better results than before?

The magic is in looking at where results come from…

Sometimes results are pure magic and they simply land on your lap.. But even in that case, you usually have done some actions to put yourself available and looking at the sky so you can catch what’s falling. The bottom line is, there’s always some action preceding an achievement. We can call a result or an achievement a success when there’s the feeling of success associated to it.. by the way..

okay.. so what influences the kind of action we can take? Awereness, consciousness, knowledge, information, decision, determination… yes, all of the above… And it boils down to one thing… emotion / feeling. We are more likely to do a good job, enjoy doing the work – if we feel like it. We can see a reverse of this as a well aligned action can bring a good feeling. Bottom line is that the action needs to be in alignment with something and come with a good feeling in order to produce most amount of result…

So what effects our feelings/ emotions? being well rested, being clear and focused in our mind of what we are doing and where we are going, and most of all why we are doing what we are doing… Bottom line is that they have found out that before emotions, there are thoughts.. thoughts cause emotions. so, we’ll run with this finding.

Why is it that thoughts are so hard to change. If it was simple and easy, we would just go and have any result we want, right? And sometimes we do it when we are insentivised properly like someone pays money for s us to do something, we just do it. so, what’s behind our thinking? could it be our habits of thinking, or programming on the other words…

We get programmed by our experiences, role models, verbal and non-verbal communication that we witness and copy since young childhood until today. Longer time has passed since we learned something, more ingrained it is as a habit in our mind. Most of the thoughts we have every day are not really our own – it’s other people’s thoughts that we take in as programming…

Programming (Verbal, non-verbal, modeling and specific experiences)
-> Thoughts
-> Emotions
-> Actions
-> Results (Achievements / Successes)

How to make a change to get the results you want?

1. awareness: sometimes enough to stop the pattern and remove the charge

2. interruption: consciously stop the patterns once aware of it. When you become aware of the pattern, that’s the time for the intervention i.e. stop it consciously.

3. replace: by a new pattern of thinking and acting.

4. repeat: Condition new thoughts, emotions and actions to create new programming

With the new programming, we can create new habits that better serve us in creating the business and lifestyle. We can create a scenario where we actually enjoy going to work and getting work done and achieving the results quite spontaneously.

Sounds good?

Have a think of what result you want to create and what kind of programming is holding you back. Then start to create a new programming that supports what you want to create.

Here’s the fancy chart I made:

fancy chart

Green boxes show what happens inside. Blue is external i.e. result. Red, i.e. actions are in between.

If we let internal world work on autopilot, actions and results are as they always have been.. it’s quite predictable. Only if external world changes, we react to it according to different program. Otherwise we just reinforce what we’ve been conditioned to do all along. We may experience accomplishment if our programming gets us a result we are looking for (like a learned skill)… But it’s not necessarily a conscious thing…

We become aware of our programming, we have a chance to introduce new habits in form of thoughts, emotions and actions. As a result we get to have success experiences with full positive emotion and experience even higher high as it was a deliberately created experience. More repetitions one gets, more frequently we get success experiences and path to success becomes more easy, automatic and pleasurable. And it becomes predictable as we use programming to our advantage…

There is also an element of law of attraction or Reticular Activation System (RAS) from neurophysiology: whatever you think about most of the time, you attract to your experience. If you go with your old programming, you can expect to get more of the same. If you introduce elements and internal experiences of having what you want, you will attract those situations, have more of those experiences and take actions supported by the emotion of already having it.

On the right side of the diagram you can see the vicious circle in which we just react on what comes across. Sometimes the reactions can be quite surprising and take us quite far in emotions and actions before we became aware of it – if we become aware of it at all. It seems so real, doesn’t it…

On the left side of the diagram you can see the virtuous circle where we introduce new habits in forms of thoughts, emotions and actions, effecting our programming – making success experiences an automatic phenomenon.

Enjoy !


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