What motivates us?

This video is amazing!

According to this video, what motivates is:

  • Autonomy
  • Mastery
  • Purpose

It’s not money… For simple tasks money works, but for any kind of cognitive tasks, money is good only to not have people think about money. Let’s look at these three.

Autonomy: Management is great for compliance, but for engagement, self direction is better.

Great example is Google’s policy of 20% time is used for their own projects (it’s called Google Labs). Company in this video with the same policy is Australian Atlassian software. One day with complete freedom lead to fixes and products that would normally wouldn’t happen.

This creates innovation, engagement, and leverages their natural skills, interest and initiative. One day or 20% of time of autonomy creates incredible innovations.

Mastery: Mastery is rewarding. We do things for fun because we enjoy being good at it, guitar, rowing etc. Example is open source software that is created by people to feel the challenge, mastery and contribution to the community.

Purpose: Successful companies are flourished by purpose. Making a change in the world motivates! Skype and Apple computer as an example.

As a summary, pick something to do that will make a world better place, something that allows you to express mastery over a skill and something that allows you to feel free and autonomous and creative, doing what you naturally do.

Now as homework… Rewrite your personal strategy and rethink what you are doing. 🙂




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