Where To Focus When Building An Online Business? – Day 10 / 40

The Three (3) B’s are:

  1. listBuilding
  2. Blogging
  3. Broadcasting

Whenever you are working, you should be focusing on one of the three. If you are not, stop doing it or consider it non-working time.

Let’s go through them in more detail:

List Building

All activities that build your list is part of it. If you are setting up a landing page or an ad, that’s part of it. IF you are tweaking your web site or facebooking.. It’s probably not. Make sure it’s directly relevant to getting more people to sign up for your list. This is most predominant in the Cost Per Click (CPC) strategy. If you focus on that, just do this activity.


This is about creating content. Make blog posts, create videos etc. This will add value to your subscribers and helps convert them to buying customers- or to paid clicks… You can use this to support your CPC strategy or simply focus on the content creation strategy. This is a long term plan strategy with steady growth. With time, the pages, posts, videos etc get indexed and bring more organic traffic to your site. Word of warning… Facebook is not a blog… start your own authority site and build your authority with the blog posts.


This is about broadcasting to your list. If you don’t have a list, build that first. Idea is to send people from your list back to your authority site and blog post and turn them into committed buyers. You can also use this activity to make affiliate sales if that’s part of your strategy. Most of broadcasting is done in aweber or whatever email service you use. Some public posts on Facebook could be in this category, but be mindful whether it’s really driving traffic to your blog.

In most cases, it’s very simple and clear which activity you are focusing on – and it’s clear if you are off topic facebooking, browsing around or otherwise wasting time…
There are times when these overlap or something is “kind of part of one of these… kind of…”… Then just ask yourself, if it’s going to make a huge impact in the business bottom line if you do it. If not, you might have something better to do.

That’s the tip of the day! And the same on video…


Enjoy and talk to you tomorrow!


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  • Yeah! The 3 Bs! It is that simple. Learnt about this from Greg and Fiona. Working my butt off to do this consistently on a daily basis 🙂

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