Why Internet Marketing Niche? – Day 8 / 40

I have been active in other niches and participated in Internet Marketing niche only as a student (applying what I learn to other niches) and done a few promotions that were relevant to my email lists at the time.

Now I’m building my new business from the scratch based on an Internet Marketing platform. I could use any other word than Internet Marketing as it’s kind of considered ‘a dirty word’… Online Marketing, Digital Marketing… But I’m old school, so i’m going to call it what it is for me. I’m doing marketing on the internet.

Why am I excited about it today? Three reasons:

  1. New Challenge: It’s a new niche for me and I like having the challenge. Never intended to build a business in this niche before, now it’s time to do that. If you want to be successful in Internet Marketing niche, you need to know what you are doing and do a lot of things right. The audience is used to all sorts of marketing and you need to stand out in a good way.
  2. Applicable Skills: It has a great set of skills that are applicable to all niches. Once you are successful in this niche, any other niche is easy to tackle. Skills can be applied to other niches and all other niches are much easier to apply them to because hardly anyone is doing it. (except the very popular ones)
  3. Mature business opportunity: It’s a relatively mature niche. Systems, margins, education etc is highly developed. It’s a good place to build a business. There are plenty of good resources and there are plenty of experts and mentors that can help you out. You can also explore your personal niches while focusing on this niche, as it’s all-pervasive to all internet business

Hope this makes sense and you get value out of this. Please comment and I’ll be happy to elaborate.

Here’s my video I shot this morning right after waking up (thus the slow and calm pace of speech). 😀

See you tomorrow!

Eero M. Tunkelo


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