World is backwards and upside down! Lead the Way. Get Great Clients!

We are used to living in a top-down world where badges determine authority and authority gets the credit and the blame. We are taught to do what we are told. This was the industrial age. The world has changed and in many ways it’s backwards as we have moved from industrial world to connection based world as Seth Godin frames it. In this new world, we need to take bold responsibility for who we are, what impact we want to create in the world and focus on what’s really important in order to make an impact…

As part of a project, I run into this article (link in the end) and decided to share a few cool lessons I got from it…


Great Clients make you Great

Do great designers get great clients? No, it’s the other way around. Clients determine how great or non-great you are. Bosses are your clients also. Where you work determines what kind of work you can do and how known you are.

Are you spending time to find better clients? Is this about money only or matching your values and platform you deserve.


Patience is for the impatient

Overnight success is a myth. “If it doesn’t work in 2 weeks, we’ll need to do something else” won’t take you anywhere. Building anything takes time. Don’t give up too soon.


Leading up

Would love to do this but “My boss won’t let me”. Suggesting something that would make me look good if it’s successful and make the boss look bad if it goes wrong because he/she said yes. Who would take that deal?

Lead people to make better decisions and have guts to do a better work, work they are capable of doing.

We were taught to do what we are told.

Here’s 5 step the advice of the day:

  1. Do it on purpose. How am I leading up? Find better clients. How are you doing work to make clients become better clients, find better clients and make the boss become a better boss.
  2. Tell Stories to those in charge.  You can tell a story that resonates and they remember.
  3. Demand responsibility, but don’t worry about authority. People who take responsibility are often given it. We let other people have authority. We let our work speak for ourselves.
  4. Reflect credit but inflict blame. If someone want to claim credit, let them. They will bring more work for you. Make them look good. Do things and bring credit to boss if it works. If it doesn’t work, take responsibility. Get the work, not the credit. Start with small things. Becomes a cycle – they will want it again.
  5. If they don’t get it, go somewhere else. If working with people who are totally stuck and can’t get it, go find others who get it.

New cycle: Do what they asked. Let boss/client take the credit. It’s the work we’re after. This is what you get paid. Go to meetings, ship and deliver on demand. They will come back for more. What you want to do is a hobby.


Connection Economy

We are now living in a connection economy. Connection creates value. We don’t live in the industrial economy any more. This is how the world is working today.

Thus, use devices to connect with people. We need teams to accomplish anything.

What change you want to make in the world, in people around you – customers. Like Apple turning customers into people with better taste. If successful making that change, people want to buy Apple’s stuff.


Did it make a change? Did it create a connection, more beauty in the world, dent in the universe.. that’s what really matters.

Make the change to people who deserve it. Pick your clients that way.

Do work that is important rather than what’s pretty. Important work creates something pretty, connects people and makes a positive change.


You are in charge!

Everyone owns a media company. If you want. Anyone can create a media event, get a million person following.

New mindset: You can’t expect to be picked. Pick yourself. There’s nobody else that will do that. Be bold. I am my own client. Do your best and offer it and people get it or they don’t get it.

You don’t need to do work that’s popular, but rather something that makes a difference.

No doubt people will succeed. Are they going to matter is the question.



Ps. Here’s the Video:

And here’s the full article:


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